NTU Mobile HCI Lab

Stanford 學生的第一志願是資工系
(Human-Computer Interaction, HCI) 

~ Stanford CS

研究影響力獲微軟評鑑為台大全校前25名 (~25/2000)
~ Microsoft Academic Ranking (2016)

My research focuses on future user interfaces, at the intersection of human-computer interaction, psychology, and mobile/wearable systems. Our work has been featured by Discovery Channel, Engadget, EE Times, New Scientist, and more.

Recent highlights include 2x CHI 2018 papers, 2x UIST 2017 papers, UIST 2016 Best Talk Award 🏆, and 2017 科技部吳大猷先生紀念獎 🏆. My full publications at CHI, UIST, MobileHCI, and SIGGRAPH are on ACM Digital Library and Google Scholar (citations: 7800, h-index: 34).

Recent Highlights

2018S Classes

想做出有影響力的研究? 想申請美國 Top 10 的研究所? 想進矽谷的 startups? Do you "work hard, play harder"? 我們從使用者體驗出發做跨領域的研究,融合設計思考、心理學、加上軟硬整合來實做出創新的人機介面與應用。

我們實驗室曾受國際媒體 Discovery Channel, Engadget, EE Times, New Scientist 報導過。學長姐們進 UC Berkeley, Stanford, CMU, UW, UCLA, Cornell, HPI, Columbia, Michigan 等研究所深造、創業、以及加入 Google, Facebook, Mediatek, TSMC, etc.


2017S Classes


Prof. Mike Y. Chen
Associate Professor
Dept of CS, National Taiwan University
<mikechen AT csie.ntu.edu.tw>


Ph.D. in Computer Science, UC Berkeley


Ludic Labs
Intel Research
IBM Research